Photo: Susana Pomba

Born in Lisbon in 1979, Diogo Alvim studied architecture and composition in Lisbon. In 2016 he finished a PhD in Composition/ Sonic Arts at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast, focused on the relations between music and architecture.
He has been presenting his work (both electronic and instrumental music) in several events, of which: Gulbenkian Orchestra’s composers’ workshop (2008 and 2009), Festival Música Portuguesa Hoje (Orchestrutopica, 2008); Festival Synthèse 2009 (Bourges); Young Musicians Award 2009 (commissioned by RDP – Antena 2); ISMIR Conference 2012 (Porto); ICMC2012 (with Unlikely Places, Ljubljana); Festival Musica Viva (Lisbon, 2013); Notation in Contemporary Music Conference at Goldsmiths University (London, 2013), Ibrasotope#60, Centro Cultural São Paulo and MAC-USP (São Paulo, Brazil); Sounding Cities – Invisible Places (Viseu, 2014), Belfast Festival (with Matilde Meireles, 2014) and Sonorities Festival (with the Royal String Quartet, 2015), Do Liminar#6 (Zaratan Gallery, Lisbon, 2016).
He has been writing for dance and theatre and developing collaborations with other artists/performers.