Festival Underscore

Festival de Música, Som, Imagem em Movimento e Arquivo.


Music for new piece by Tânia Carvalho

Turning Backs

With Lígia Soares and Rita Vilhena


Sound and visual essay for Wrong Wrong Magazine.

Trabalho de Mesa

For "Do Liminar #6" @ Zaratan Gallery.

Glimpse – 5 Room Puzzle

Music for Tania Carvalho's Piece "Glimpse – 5 Room Puzzle".

Old School #38

Site-specific performance with Matilde Meireles for Old School #38.


With the Royal String Quartet.


Music for a dance piece by Luiz Antunes and Sérgio Diogo Matias.


A live performance of music, film and squash. With Matilde Meireles.

The Pyramid and the Labyrinth

Sound event at the MAC - São Paulo Brazil.

Apartamento em Lisboa (Narrador Presente)

Electroacoustic, 4 channels.

Artistic Residency in São Paulo

Artistic residency São Paulo Brazil.

Travelogue #1

Travel portrait, with Le Corbusier and Xenakis, Zumthor and others.

Inside Out (Situation #)

For any wind instrument, electronics and pipes.

No Chords Attached

Network piece for piano and sound walkers.

Problema Técnico

Music for the piece 'Technical Problem' by Andresa Soares.

Come Across

A soundwalk based piece by Unlikely Places.

27 Ossos

For Tania Carvalho’s choreography 27 Ossos.

Music for Sax and Boxes

For tenor sax, 4 boxes and electronics.


For flute and electronics.


Music for Tânia Carvalho's choreography Icosahedron.

Rotação e Inflexão

Artist Residency with Inês Botelho

Como Rebolar Alegremente…

Music and sound for a play by Miguel Loureiro and André Guedes.


For solo Bb Clarinet.

Études d’après MIDI

Miniatures for piano


For orchestra.

Distância (Ocupação_3)

Electroacoustic for 3 channels.


For (5) ensemble(s).

Pequeno Concerto para Clarinete e Paisagem

Clarinet Concerto, Gulbenkian Orchestra.

Pequenas Peças para Piano

Miniatures for piano.
New piece for Tânia Carvalho